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Relja Arandjelovic


Note for Linux users:
You can download my OpenPG Public Key (1 KB)
It's not needed for the programs to work. It's used for checking if programs are really written by me (if you downloaded a newer version from some other site and you're not sure if it's ok). If you don't have this file and try to install rpms, it will report that the file has bad signatures (but it's still able to install itself).
If you download the file, all you need to do is
su root
rpm --import reljaarandjelovic.asc


Name Licence

RA Pai Gaw Poker (1.1-3)
A Poker-like card game, played against a dealer at a casino. It is played with 52 card deck and a joker. You have a more detailed help on rules in the game itself.
It has an English (default) and a Serbian language option.

Linux: rpm (230 KB), source (262 KB)
Windows: zip (1.2 MB) (extract only, no installer)

Relja Arandjelovic
Beograd, 2004
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